by Elisa Fontana in collaboration with Stefano Antonini Project inspired by the performance Domini Pùblic by Roger Bernat

A co-production of the Festival Es.Terni

Domini Public – Children’s Version explores the relationship between the philosophical practice of questio- ning and the language of contemporary performance. A genuine investigation of “human things”, carried out by children and teenagers using a workshop-style method, aimed at the creation of a public-square performan- ce in which adults come face-to-face with kids in a collective role-play. Domini Public Children’s Version is an urban performance in which generational categories are subverted, in a public space which opens up to a dimension which is profoundly balanced between theatre, video games and a walk through the centre of town.

Domini Public was produced by the Festival Es.Terni 2010 and performed in Milan - Italy (UovoKids), Bolo- gna - Italy (ERT) and Marzabotto (Bologna - Italy).